The Firm


Richards, Elder & Gibson, PLLC, formerly known as Richards, Elder & Green, PLLC combines the talents of seasoned partners into a Firm representing both entities and individual clients in a broad range of civil matters.

While the Firm continues to represent real estate developers, media outlets, health care providers, banks, contractors, commercial and private litigants and other diverse clients, the most defining characteristic of the Firm is its broad-based and comprehensive involvement with cooperatives. The roots of the Firm trace back to attorneys who created utility cooperatives the Firm still represents. Its attorneys have been instrumental in crafting legislation governing cooperatives in the State of Texas, in creating new cooperatives, in representing cooperatives before the Texas Public Utility Commission, educating and giving guidance to the management and directors of cooperatives, obtaining in excess of a Billion dollars of loans for utility cooperatives from the Rural Utilities Services (successor to the Rural Electrification Administrations) and other cooperative borrowers.

Richards, Elder & Gibson, PLLC knows cooperatives inside out. It understands capital credits and the Seven Cooperative Principles and the changing landscapes faced by clients, some providing service in declining rural areas and others facing competition as urban areas sprawl into their traditionally rural areas.

The Firm’s attorneys are equipped with a broad range of both legal and life experience. Don R. Richards was raised in a newspaper family, was editor of the campus newspaper at Texas Tech University and has operated newspapers. From this background came an interest in media law, open records and open meetings law, and an understanding of how to deal with the media. He was a congressional aide and one time nominee for U.S. Congress. From this background came an inside understanding of the legislative and political process and an understanding of community and member relations.