The Firm enjoys assisting its clients in doing big things in small places:

In addition to providing expertise in the creation, operation and governance of cooperatives and expertise in the particular primary functions of cooperatives, be it electric, telephone or agricultural, the Firm handles not only the complex commercial transactions in which its cooperative clients become involved but also has long time involvement in related areas of law which spin off from the operations of cooperatives such as employment law, probate/estate law necessary to determine ownership of capital credits of decedents, and member/public relations guidance.

The Law Firm provides in depth expertise in all aspects of the unique legal issues affecting its state-wide base of cooperative clients, including cooperative creation, bylaws, capital credits, membership and subsidiary issues. The firm has particular experience in representing a wide variety of cooperative corporations across the state of Texas and its attorneys have detailed backgrounds and knowledge of cooperative history, governance, and operations. Aspects of the Firm’s practice for cooperatives include:
  • Board of Directors governance and meeting issues
  • Detailed review and revision of charters, bylaws, governing and operating policies
  • Cooperative creation
  • Coop membership meetings
  • Capital Credit allocation and distribution
  • Consolidations, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Subsidiary Creation and Control
  • Employment issues
  • Short and long term financing (RUS, CFC, RTFC, CoBank, etc)
  • Key management terminations and related severance agreements
  • Litigation Representation before Courts and Regulatory Agencies
  • Complex operational contracts:
    • Telecommunications network interconnection
    • Network, Fiber and Facility Agreements
    • Electric System and Grid Interconnection 
    • Transmission agreements
    • Wholesale Power Contracts
    • Tower site and lease negotiations
    • Asset purchase and sale
    • Collections and bankruptcy creditor issues
    • Vendor contract review and issues