Live Video Conferencing

Immediate Legal Counseling Available Through New Live Video Conferencing Center


The Law Firm’s state-of-the-art Video Conferencing Center offers clients the benefit of immediate and live, quality legal counseling, without the added burden for the time and expense of travel.

Recently installed at the Law firm’s modern headquarter’s offices in Lubbock’s Pyramid Plaza, the newest technology in video conferencing has allowed clients to obtain instant access to legal advice on a face-to-face basis without either the client, or the attorney, leaving their offices. On short notice, the Law Firm can make available its attorneys for face-to-face live interaction with clients’ administrative staffs, employees, or directly with boards of directors. The Law firm uses its new Video Conference Center for legal advice and counsel, including such matters as:

  • Clients’ administrative staff meetings for general business and legal counseling.
  • Attorney-Client communications for a variety of legal needs including:
    • litigation and trial strategy
    • legislative, regulatory updates
    • employee legal issues
    • Legal Seminars/Workshops to boards of directors on “Director’s Legal Duties and Responsibilities”
Note: Live Video Conferencing requires access to specific video and audio equipment. The Law Firm has made special arrangements with equipment vendors for clients who are interested in the use of video conferencing. Contact the Firm for equipment information if you think you might desire to avail your business of this cost-cutting means of quality legal counsel and advice.